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An Outpost for the Inner Journey

Welcome to The Inner Space Station

A resource for consciousness exploration. 

Inside each of us there is a black hole that feels like it is sucking us in. It is the void we try to fill with everything and anything. 


 But what if, instead of being afraid of it, we allowed ourselves to be sucked in? What would we discover? An inner Multiverse exists there.


The Inner Space Station has brain entraining music, relaxation and meditation programs, all free and public domain! 

To the right is a playlist from our library. 

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Primary Mission Objective

The Inner Space Station is an outpost for the inner journey. It is a place to share our ideas and creations. It is a way to connect and share experiences, and the tools and techniques for inner exploration and the exploration of consciousness itself.

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Origin Story - Why The Inner Space Station?


     My name is Scott. In 2001, I began  learning about and practicing meditation with the aid of a binaural beat audio program created by The Monroe Institute called The Gateway Experience. I became proficient in a progressive muscle relaxtion technique, that when combined with the brain entraining effects of binaural beats, took me to states of relaxation I never experienced before.



     After an out of body experience while listening to binaural beats, a whole new dimension opened up, literally. I began an exploration into that world and familiarize myself with the tools and techniques needed to experience it.



     On one such occasion, I felt explosive vibrations push me through a tunnel of light into a darkened sphere where a being communicated to me something which turned my reality upside down and became the main reason why I had to collect everything into a cohesive whole. The Mortal Coil and Other Out Of Body Experiences is that collection of experiences, reflections, research and development of tools and techniques of brainwave entrainment and insights from my own inner journeys.



     My goal is to facilitate a place where experiences can be shared by anyone who wishes. Please send me a link to a blog or video and I will share here on The Inner Space Station.



     An autobiographical account of a series of out of body experiences, altered states, and consciousness explorations culminating in a roadmap for a life lived with purpose and inspiration.

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How Does Brainwave Entrainment Work?

More in The VidEo DataBase:

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Brainwave Entrainment Audio Library

All audio programs here are in the public domain, and are free to use . My intension is not to sell these programs, but rather to foster growth in others. All tracks are streamable or downloadable. In many cases there are Iscochronic and Binaural Beat versions of each audio program, but the audio library also contains raw recordings, raw binaural and isochronics in their native states, not part of any audio mix or recording.

I hope to promote further creativity by giving you the materials to create your own programs.

Natural Isochronic Waves

Actual Ocean Wave recordings made into Isochronic Beats. Entrain your brain with natural tones. Created using the same technique as Isochronic Noise, with natural recordings of ocean waves, waterfall, rushing river, and a babbling brook instead of Digital Pink Noise.


4.0Hz Theta brainwave program, 60 minute loop.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This simple technique guides you to relax each muscle,

one by one, releasing stress and tension.


Verbal Guidance assists you as you learn to relax each muscle with an exercise that has been used for thousands of years. This exercise also builds mental focus and a centered self.


Theta brainwave entrainment program. 60 minutes of live nature recordings from Rodeo Beach, Muir Woods in Northern California mixed with ambient tones, pink noise and a 3 tone Binaural Beat at 4.2 Hz. or 4 Hz. Isochronic Noise.


SLEEPforSURE helps you fall asleep fast, and stay asleep, so you wake up rested and you can be your best. Unlike Sleep-Aid Medications SLEEPforSURE can be reused over and over FOREVER! 


Isochronic Noise version starts at 10 Hz down to 5 Hz then 4 Hz down to 2 Hz. Theta brainwave program. The Binaural vesion starts at 10 Hz down to 4 Hz down to 2 Hz over the course of 25 minutes then staying in deep delta 2 Hz for 54 minutes and lowers the carrier tone over the duration of the track.


Reset your brain and recharge vital systems. Access Alpha,Theta and Delta brainstates to promote release of Human Growth Hormone, Serotonin and Endorphins. Didgeridoo, waterfall, waves, and wind chimes accompany ambient music and binaural beats. Feel your mind actually unwind as thoughts drift away leaving you in a calm restful sleep.


Maxfield 4.2 Binaural Beats

Melinda C. Maxfield, Ph. D. was an independent researcher focused on sonic entrainment, shamanism, and healing. Dr. Maxfield lectured around the globe, demonstrating the positive benefits of applied sonic entrainment. She has presented “Journey Work”, sonic entrainment workshops in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe, was a specialist in cross-cultural healthcare methodologies and researcher on the physical effects of percussion, was on the board of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and was executive director of the Angeles Arrien Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research. 


A pattern that incorporates approximately 4 to 4 1/2 beats per second is the most inducting for theta gain. (Theta frequency is usually associated with drowsy, near unconscious states, such as the threshold period just before waking or sleeping. This frequency has also been connected to states of "reverie" and hypnagogic or dream-like images.) The pattern of the drumbeat as it relates to beats per second can be correlated with resulting temporary changes in brain wave frequency (cycles per second) and/or subjective experience, provided the drumming pattern is sustained for at least 13 – 15 minutes. 


Singing Tree Song

Listen to actual sounds of Eucalyptus trees singing in the breeze.Chinese Gourd Flute (Hulusi) and ambient tones wisp through the leaves in the fragrant air.  Recorded in a Eucalyptus grove in a Redwood Forest. 42 minutes of nature with enchanting flute calls and ambient tones that release into the wind and leave you at peace. 7 Hz Theta brainwave program.

Train of thought

Beyond Thought, Beyond Mind

Travel along a profound soundscape designed to entrance and transcend. 40 minutes of environment and music mixed with a blend of tones that encourage separation. The Train of Thought leaves the station and travels deep into the void of subconscious. Build new tracks to unexplored inner worlds. Experience expanded states of awareness and subtle shifts of energy. 4 Hz Deep Theta Program.

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©  All rights reserved.


The Inner Space Station will always be free. Freely sharing our experiences and creations is the obvious way. But sometimes, I want MORE than just a free service.


Sometimes I want to SUPPORT the things that I care about. I hope you will agree that our INNER WORLD is worth exploring, and a support system is much needed. Creating art has always been a passion of mine, and T-shirt design has been as well. Spread the word about The Inner Space Station and do it in style all while supporting our efforts to share our personal stories. 

We are here for you

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